Hello and thanks for stopping by.

I am Nika Sturm, a world citizen of European descent currently residing in Dubai. 

After completing a Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations Management, I obtained two Master’s degrees: in Communication for Development and Religious Studies. This has enhanced my understanding of different cultural and religious context, making it easy to understand the religious and cultural norms of the customers. 

My passion is divided between the spaces of academia and industry, and strong belief that the gaps between academia and industry must be bridged. Furthering human knowledge and technology should serve humanity. To reconcile my interest, I am grateful to have an opportunity to support both academic and corporate customers. 

Obtaining a freelancer permit license from Dubai Development Authority has enabled me to offer my services as an independent contractor in the United Arab Emirates (and GCC countries). The license entitles me to conduct research to serve educational institutions, students, faculties, Human Resource Management departments and other participants in the education industry.  To find out more about my areas of work and things I can help with, please click here.  

I am currently occupied with various project – from research projects to delivering training sessions for cloud-based applications to leading corporations in the UAE. 

To request a list of my publications, full resume, use my services, or if you want to submit a collaboration proposal, please email me at contact@nika-sturm.com or use the contact form. Thank you!